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With a single school bus on the road, Roxborough Bus Lines was founded in 1959 by Duncan McRae and Bernard Villeneuve. Over the coming years the student population and transportation demands grew, and so did Roxborough Bus Lines.

In 1993 Duncan and Bernard’s sons, Daryl McRae and George Villeneuve, took the helm. The expansion of service regions saw Roxborough Bus Lines continue to thrive under their direction.

In 2008, Nick McRae and Blaine Filion joined the ownership group. Looking to build on the company’s history with an eye to the future, they expanded into new markets. Their commitment to enhancing school transportation while supporting the growing need for intercommunity transportation services continues to drive their success.

In January 2022, Roxborough Bus Lines Ltd. acquired 417 Bus Line Limited. Founded in 1958 by Jean-Paul Laplante, the company was first known as Laplante Bus Lines, then Casselman Bus Line, before incorporating in 1974 as 417 Bus Line Limited. Jean-Paul’s sons, Yvon, Marc, Mario, and Gilles took over leadership in 1993. They built on their father’s legacy, further developing the family-centric culture.

The acquisition of 417 Bus Line Limited saw the creation of The Roxborough Group — a company committed to offering passenger transportation solutions including school bus transportation, commuter transportation, and 56-passenger motor coach services that serve clients across North America.


Roxborough is only as good as its team, and we take pride in having achieved tremendous growth while retaining a family-friendly, small company culture.

Every day, 850 bus, van and coach drivers, mechanics and technicians, operations staff, and leadership work collectively to support the students, families, and communities we serve.


The Roxborough Group has acquired numerous companies since its establishment. This has allowed us to maintain facilities and offices in Avonmore, Alexandria, Clarence Creek/Rockland, Greely, Madoc, and Casselman. And given so many of us live and work in the communities we serve, we also make giving back a priority.

From breakfast and hunger relief programs to hospice and palliative care, we use a variety of team, corporate, and social giving efforts to ensure we volunteer and raise funds to help build stronger communities. We invite you to learn more about the people and causes we support.


Company Vision and Mission Statement:

During our 50 years in business, we have applied several different strategies to achieve our goals. Our growth has come as a result of through strategic and forward thinking acquisitions and success through the RFP process.

Additionally, we have been successful by being strategic, hiring the best people and applying the best practices. Ultimately, we want to be known as the carrier of choice.

First and foremost The Roxborough Group’s customer service strategy is in line with our Mission Statement: “Our number one priority is the safety of our passengers – the world’s most precious cargo!” In order to achieve this, we continually develop, communicate and apply safe practices.

We are committed to developing strong partnerships with the consortiums we service. We define “commitment” as a dedication to being safe, on time, friendly and efficient. Our operating commitment is to achieve and maintain a safe, on-time performance rating of 98% or greater. To be successful, we need to focus on the key components to achieving excellent customer service which include the daily performance of drivers and buses, effective and timely communication and having the capability to immediately deal with abnormal situations. By taking care of our passengers we strive to become the leading school transportation carrier in the region.

In order to continually achieve our targets, we review results on a regular basis through reports, delay notifications, issue logs and driver and customer surveys. Information gleaned from these reports is used to identify trends and allows us to be proactive whenever possible.

Our success in attaining additional business through RFP’s continues to be supported by our financial institutions, providing further proof that our methodologies are working.

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I have had nothing but positive working experiences with Roxborough Bus Lines and would highly recommend them for any bus transportation services. The team is professional, timely and easy to work with.
Cara Fauser

Manotick Public School