Throughout the pandemic and as we enter the holiday season, Roxborough Bus Lines has showcased a commitment to building stronger communities. Today, we are thrilled to announce $20,196.00 has been raised to support seasonal fundraising appeals through a 50/50 draw, employee donations and a corporate donation.

“I’m proud to announce that our employees not only met but exceeded the holiday fundraising challenge to match the $7,500 corporate donation that Roxborough put forward,” said Nick McRae, President, Roxborough Bus Lines. “Our employees donated a total of $8,348.00 in one month. This achievement is a testament to their exceptional commitment and generosity. It only seems fitting that we increase our corporate donation to match the giving spirit of our team!”

The $16,696.00 raised through the holiday fundraising challenge was divided equally among each Roxborough location. In turn, the divisions selected local schools, charitable organizations, and families in need to receive a donation.

Alexandria:  Schools Elda Rouleau, St Finnan’s, Williamstown, Charlan, Laggan, and Glengarry DHS, along with the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank. Avonmore: Baldwin House and Cornwall Hospice. Greely: Ottawa Snowsuit Fund, Osgoode Emergency Food Cupboard, and with the assistance of three local schools, six families in need will receive donations. Ottawa Van: Conseil des Ecoles Publique de l’Est Ontario and Fondation des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est. Rockland: Rockland Food Bank, Valoris, and CRC-Orleans.

In addition to the holiday fundraising challenge, Roxborough also hosted a 50/50 draw which raised $3,500. These funds will be divided and shared with local food banks to help relieve food insecurity this Christmas.