Meet Jenn, a dedicated and passionate school bus driver at Roxborough Bus Lines. She embarked on a journey that not only transformed her career but also brought immeasurable joy and fulfillment to her life. If you’ve ever wondered about a part-time career that involves working with children and leaving a lasting positive impact, Jenn’s story is an inspiration.

“There are so many reasons and benefits why I became a school bus driver. One of the biggest reasons for me is the SMILES that come with this chosen path. Hello, my name is Jenn, this is my 12th year of driving in this industry, and this is my 3rd year in total driving with Roxborough Bus Lines. Roxborough has become an extension of my family, and why I chose to work for Roxborough again and again. They are a wonderful team to be a part of. Our team has team spirit and is there to give lots of support daily among our staff, coworkers, and as well in our community. This team is a give-back, smile-driven team. This is my story. I’m a Mom of 7, and I have tried different career paths while raising my children, trying to balance what works for me, our family, and the worries that come with maintaining both roles of being a mom and working. Twelve years ago, my busing journey began after I had my 2 youngest children, still babies, at home with me. With my husband’s job now requiring us to move from community to community, the worry of being able to find a job that would allow me to continue to raise our children without the worry of the costs of daycare, in a strange city with no extended family to help and continue to contribute financially to our family, was important to me. How would I do this?

“I started searching for answers, and one day saw an ad in the newspaper for a school bus driver. It got me thinking: If I became a school bus driver, I could bring my little ones with me, which means no daycare costs and worry of who would be raising them as we move from community to community. This also meant once my kids started school, I would have summers, PD days, and seasonal holidays off along with our children. This got me excited and gave me the peace of mind our family needed. Being a school bus driver would allow me to be able to continue to be that consistent presence in our children’s lives, continue to contribute financially to our family, and help to be part of an important role in all of the communities we would become a part of. What this also meant and the biggest reason for me was the gift of family time creating memories together with priceless irreplaceable SMILES to be had all around.

“Pretty amazing, huh? But wait, the SMILES didn’t stop there. Each day on the bus, I see the most incredible sunrises, sunsets, and I’m greeted with children’s, parents’, and community SMILES. Nature and SMILES do wonderful things for our souls and well-being. It’s rejuvenating, and just when you didn’t think it could get any better, with being a bus driver, I have the option to earn more on top of my school runs by helping out with charters, bus washing, summer work, or growing in another role within our company. Or if you’d like to have and enjoy a little me time, you can achieve this in between your morning and afternoon runs. This role has given me so much more than just the title or the compensation; it’s the appreciation from everyone in all that I do, the friends I’ve gained, the freedom it has given me, and the all-around grand SMILES it brings in my life, my family’s life.

“So if you like smiles and like to give them…take the wheel and DRIVE YELLOW. Come join our team; together, our SMILES can make a difference, one smile at a time.”

Being a school bus driver offers a unique opportunity to create lasting memories and contribute to the lives of children. Roxborough Bus Lines, with its unwavering commitment to training, support, and fostering a sense of community, welcomes you to embark on this remarkable journey. Whether you’re seeking a career change or simply looking for a part-time role that brings fulfillment, consider driving a school van or school bus with us. Together, let’s drive smiles and make a difference, one kilometre at a time. 🚌