Bus Maintenance

Bus Maintenance

We are proud to say that with the properties we currently own, we are in an excellent position to support any growth. At Roxborough Bus Lines, we have a very capable maintenance structure including the required tools, skilled technicians, well equipped facilities, and information systems all of which provide us with excellent results.

We have 5 fully licensed MTO approved safety inspection stations within an 85 km radius.We are an MTO approved Drive Clean inspection station allowing us to perform emission tests.

Preventative Maintenance Program

At Roxborough Bus Lines we have the technicians, parts, tools, and test equipment required to maintain buses in any one of our 5 facilities. We have developed our preventive maintenance programs using the bus manufacturer and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) maintenance schedules tracked via the EASYBUS maintenance program.

This includes the following:

6 month Inspections

  • All buses are inspected twice a year, one of these inspections includes a full brake and safety inspection. The results of each inspection are recorded and a copy of the work order inspection form is readily available to the respective Consortium.

Daily Inspections

  • Daily inspections are conducted by the bus drivers themselves and are an important part of preventive maintenance. Inspection results are documented and the deficiencies reported to the maintenance department for follow up. In addition to checking safety related equipment (lights, brakes, fluid levels), the drivers check for signs of leaking, inspect the security of components, and other signs of wear.

Currency of Regulations

  • We are in regular contact with the local MTO office to obtain any new Ministry regulations, D-250 bus specification changes, and any highway traffic act changes which may have an impact on our maintenance program.

Technical Bulletins

  • Any technical bulletins or other information sent to us from dealers, OEM, or MTO is documented and assessed for impact. A work order is created for any affected buses to ensure information is tracked and acted upon.

MTO inspection

  • In the event of an inspection, a copy of the inspection is immediately sent to the Consortium.

Quality of Parts

  • We purchase the highest quality grade parts, recommended and approved by our bus manufacturer.

Corrective Maintenance Capability

  • Every driver is trained on the break-down procedure which is documented step-by-step in the Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • We are positioned to be able to reach any break-down location within a timely matter within minutes of notification.

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