Parent Safety Tips

Parent Safety Tips


Parents play a crucial role in their children’s attitude towards safety on the school bus. When it comes to your child’s safety before getting on or getting off the school bus, there is simply no substitute for adult supervision.

If you, or perhaps another parent in the area, can take the children to the bus stop, do it!

If you can meet your children at the school bus stop, do it! Adult supervision prevents hazards like children crossing the road or roughhousing at stop locations. A listed designate must meet JK/SK & some special needs students at their stop. Please be at the stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time of the bus.

kids at the bus stop

Children must be met at the stop location. It is not acceptable to wait in a doorway or a car. As soon as your child disembarks, lead him/her away from the school bus danger zones by the hand. Ensure all children are registered to ride the school bus.

Don’t just simply send your child (JK) to a bus stop with an older sibling to catch a bus.

Keep your school updated of any changes to your address and phone numbers, even if you are staying at the same school.

A stop location is at the side of the road or at a corner that is clearly visible. This does not change regardless of weather conditions.

Have a plan – even if you plan to meet your kids at the stop every day, talk to them about what to do if you are running late one afternoon. i.e. a hidden key, go to a neighbour’s house, etc.

Try not to overload your child with an oversized/stuffed backpack. This makes getting on and off the school bus more hazardous.

School bus companies are not permitted to make any changes to the route stop times, locations or route configuration. All changes must be approved through your local transportation consortium.

Please take the time to review these tips to assist us in safely transporting your children!

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